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Ludum Dare 38 Compo
Defcon Zero
By Derek (@Metroid292)

You control a small world where threat of nuclear destruction is a daily problem. The truck needs to deliver materials to keep the nuclear stockpile up for the country. The little guy is a government worker who processes the materials at work.

~How to play.
Click the police guy to let the truck pass. Don't let the truck hit the government worker. Each time the worker goes to work or home, he raises the defcon. You must let trucks pass to lower the Defcon. My score: 17

OS: Windows 10 (might work on earlier versions)
Opengl 3.3

~Source Code
Included in the .zip. Public domain as per LD rules.
For the rest of the engine source code go to: eightbitarcade.com

Install instructions

Unzip the folder to your desktop.

Click "Defcon.exe"


Defcon-Zero-win-0.02.zip 1 MB

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